The human advantage: why empathy wins in the B2B numbers game

Byron Watson
By Byron Watson
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Efficiency, productivity and results are everything in business. Metrics dominate conversations, KPIs drive decisions and output is maximised to fuel growth.

But what if the key to unlocking revenue growth lies not only in numbers, but in a surprising element: human connection

We believe it does. And the proof is… in the numbers. 

Beyond the spreadsheet: the power of the human workforce

Imagine any person who works at your company. They're not just a line item on a budget or a number on a production report. 

They’re a person first and foremost. A father, a mother, someone’s partner. They're an individual with needs, aspirations and a life outside of work. They are you and me.

Traditional B2B systems, products and comms often overlook this human element. People are referred to collectively as workers. They’re seemingly interchangeable parts, like in a machine, on hand simply to be productive to meet quotas. 

This approach, while seemingly efficient in the short term, can have a detrimental long-term impact on the bottom line.

Job&Talent connects people with people

The Job&Talent Business platform isn't just about connecting companies with reliable and quality workers; it's about connecting people with people

Our mission statement highlights this, that "We empower the people who make the world go round."

Within the product function at Job&Talent, we take this human-centric approach to our language. In our app for companies, the tab containing the list of workers is called People. It’s not Workers, and this is deliberate. 

Focusing on the human aspect in our language reminds the user that they’re managing real people in the app. 

And given our product is a proxy for the company (our client), how we then communicate with the worker through the product matters profoundly. We become the voice of the company, too. This is powerful.

Brand guidelines: the roadmap to revenue through humanity

Our human approach is codified in our writing brand guidelines

Our brand writing guidelines act as a blueprint for crafting clear, compelling, and empathetic communication that resonates with B2B and B2C audiences, regardless of the product or channel.

But they’re more than just a style guide. 

Our guidelines are a strategic tool designed to unlock the revenue-driving benefits of a human-centric approach. Here's how:

  • Employee engagement: Inclusive and positive language, as prescribed by our guidelines, fosters a sense of value and respect for people. This translates to higher employee engagement. Engaged employees are more productive, take greater ownership of their work, and deliver superior results. Studies by Gallup show that highly engaged teams are 21% more profitable than those with low engagement.

  • Reduced turnover: People looking for work are increasingly drawn to companies that prioritise their well-being and offer a positive work environment. Our platform highlights this human aspect in our job ads, helping attract and retain top talent, reducing costly turnover. BambooHR highlights that the average cost per hire is $4,700, based on a report from SHRM, varying in cost either way depending on the level of the role. It's worth noting our costs to hire are much lower than that.

  • Brand reputation: Authentic and transparent communication (also in our guidelines) builds trust with potential employees. This translates to a stronger brand reputation, attracting high-calibre candidates who want to be part of our company culture. A strong employer brand attracts better talent, leading to a more productive and innovative workforce. 

  • Customer satisfaction: Engaged and happy employees translate to a better customer experience. When your workforce feels valued and supported, they're more likely to go the extra mile, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

On these final two points, the proof is in our skyrocketing NPS scores. As of May 2024, our client NPS score is 79 (industry average: 36) and our worker NPS score is 60 (industry average: 30) in the US at the end of 2023. 

It’s a testament of how we’re bringing real value to clients and the people who work with them. 

The bottom line: people drive sustainable growth

By prioritizing a human-centric approach, Job&Talent helps companies not only fill positions, but also build a reliable and high quality workforces. 

This, in turn, drives revenue growth, reduces costs, improves customer satisfaction, and fosters long-term business success.

Partner with Job&Talent and unlock the power of human connection in your B2B strategy. Let's create a win-win situation for your company, your employees, and your bottom line.

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