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Our industry-leading clocking data gives you the visibility and control to react quickly to change. Maximize your clocking data to maintain productivity and compliance in every shift.

Gain visibility and control


No paperwork, no separate versions of clocking data. Just one consolidated and accurate view of your clocking data you can trust.

Increase your clocking efficiency and compliance


Stop wasting time, cost and resources on manual clocking and compliance issues.

Start clocking in minutes


No tedious training. No clunky machine to ship and set up. Sign up, download the app and you’ll be up and running - and clocking - in minutes.

Your questions answered

  • Job&Talent Business clocking is suitable for any small, medium or large company needing reliable, productive temporary workforces.

    Our workforce management platform suits companies across industry, from warehousing to logistics, retail to aeronautical and more.

  • It’s a comprehensive solution for businesses, seamlessly integrating recruitment and workforce management. As a platform, it facilitates an efficient hiring process, offering features such as job posting, candidate matching, and streamlined onboarding.

    The platform also offers shift management, ensuring a cohesive and compliant workforce management experience. Our integrated tech products include a shift manager app, admin platform and worker app. They are constantly synching so everyone is on the same page.

  • In the Job&Talent Business app, you can instantly see who has confirmed they'll attend each shift, who'll be absent, the times they've clocked in and out.

    Simply select the shift and choose the person you want to view to find more information about their clocking and attendance.

  • You have complete visibility and control over clocking times. You can review and edit times each person clocks. Or if someone forgets, you can add missing clockings to reduce your admin at the end of the week.

    You can also set up rounding rules to ensure that early clock-ins and late clock-outs are rounded to the scheduled time.

  • The system uses geolocation fencing and warning messages to prevent time tracking fraud. Once activated, if a worker tries to clock in and is more than 150m from the site, they'll receive an warning message, prompting them to clock in when they're on site.

    In the companies app, you'll have complete visibility of all clockings so you'll have a very clear sense of the quality and accuracy of your workers' clocking data.

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