Job&Talent Business

Job&Talent Business is a powerful tech platform designed to make your workforce more reliable and improve its quality. Gamification drives engagement, feedback boosts performance, and data empowers decisions.

More reliable, higher quality


Gain access to our tech platform as part of our on-site service. The platform consists of two apps, one for companies that syncs with another for workers, a powerful combo that increases the reliability and quality of your workforce.

Increase workforce attendance


Job&Talent Business is tackling absenteeism head on through gamification and data.

Increase the quality of your workforce


Give real-time feedback and ratings to improve the quality of a worker’s performance, and get to know your best performers. Create a culture of self-improvement in every shift.

  • Give feedback and rate performance

    After each shift, managers quickly and easily give feedback and rate performance. Feedback and ratings incentivise your top performers, and help others improve.

  • Track your top performers

    Like with other leading tech marketplaces, feedback and ratings leads to continuous improvement. It also helps companies identify and retain their top performers.

Why Job&Talent business


  • Hit your targets

    Achieve your fill rate by having workers confirm they’ll attend in advance and knowing who is on site.

  • Track no shows

    On the occasion someone doesn’t turn up, keep a record and factor it into future shift planning.

  • Plan better

    Plan ahead knowing your absenteeism is actively managed and consistently low.

  • Roster with confidence

    Offer shifts only to people with reliable response rates and attendance scores.

  • Improve continuously

    Help your workers improve by giving incremental feedback and ratings.

What companies and
workers are saying

Customer Success Stories

  • Stuart Nunn

    The Job&Talent team tirelessly leads the way every day to achieve results. They are receptive to changes with very short notice and make no excuses.

    Stuart Nunn
    Operations Manager at UPS
  • Juan Pablo Viejo

    Job&Talent worked wonders for our factory staffing problems when all staffing companies failed; they were the only ones who delivered exceptional results.

    Juan Pablo Viejo
    Vice President/COO at Easy Foods
  • Richard Rabuck

    With Job&Talent, it’s more than a transactional relationship. They understand that their success depends on your success.

    Richard Rabuck
    Associate Director, North America at Shipbob

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It’s time to optimize your shift operations, eliminate your hidden costs and retain your best workers. Discover more about our other solutions.

  • Planning

    Set up shifts, assign work and notify candidates.

  • Retention

    Rate, celebrate and retain your most valued assets. Your people.

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