Elevating workforce quality with shift satisfaction ratings

Byron Watson
By Byron Watson
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Maintaining a high-quality and reliable workforce is crucial in today’s competitive business landscape. 

The Job&Talent Business platform contains a game-changing feature that allows workers to rate their shift experiences, providing supervisors with valuable feedback.

This feature, available through the worker app and then presented to the supervisor in the company app, enhances engagement, boosts workforce quality, and facilitates data-driven decision-making.

How shift satisfaction ratings enhance workforce quality

At the end of each shift, workers rate their experience with a simple satisfaction score. 

This feedback is immediately applied to the supervisor’s key performance indicators (KPIs), offering a clear view of worker sentiment for each shift. 

The rating process is quick, appearing right after the shift ends, ensuring timely and relevant feedback.

Supervisor KPIs and nudges to improve

Supervisors receive key metrics that reflect the overall sentiment of the workers they manage. It’s presented as their satisfaction score.

High scores tell the supervisors they are doing a great job. Supervisors with lower scores get nudges to push them in the right direction. 

This data-driven approach allows supervisors to make informed adjustments, leading to better-managed shifts and higher worker morale.

The power of worker satisfaction ratings

There are many benefits our shift satisfaction feature gives, including:

  • Boost worker engagement - Gamification drives worker engagement by rewarding top performers and encouraging improvement. Workers feel valued and motivated when they see their feedback leading to positive changes, fostering a more committed workforce

  • Improve overall workforce quality - Continuous feedback and ratings help supervisors identify strengths and areas needing improvement. This results in a more consistent and higher-quality workforce as supervisors adjust their management strategies based on real-time data

  • Gain visibility and control - Real-time access to data on worker sentiment and supervisor performance enables businesses to plan more accurately and respond swiftly to issues. This increased visibility ensures that companies maintain high standards and adapt efficiently to changes

The data behind the ratings

Studies show that companies with highly engaged employees see a significant increase in profitability. According to Gallup, companies experience a 21% rise in profits. McKinsey reports that businesses using real-time performance management outperform their competitors by 1.5 times.

Businesses can see significant improvements in workforce quality and overall productivity with Job&Talent Business. 

This commitment to innovation not only benefits the company, but also promotes a positive and productive working environment for employees.

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