Real-time attendance data increases workforce reliability and empowers shift managers

Melanie Bochmann
By Melanie Bochmann
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Innovation isn't just an option; it's woven into the fabric of Job&Talent's DNA. We're committed to continuously pushing boundaries to ensure we offer unparalleled value to our users, whether they're companies or workers. 

By seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with a human-centered approach, we've crafted a product and service that truly stands out. 

In our Q1 product update, we'll walk you through the most relevant features and improvements we've rolled out over the past three months - covering both our app for companies and our app for workers. 

Our value proposition with Job&Talent Business

Job&Talent Business is a powerful tech platform designed to make workforces more reliable and improve their quality.

Gamification drives engagement, feedback boosts performance, and data empowers decisions to make workforces more reliable and better quality in the short, mid and and long term.

Simplified clock-in based on geolocation

This quarter, we made some updates to our time clocking feature, allowing for even more accurate insights for shift managers. 

We’ve added geo-location functionality to our workers app, sending them a notification to clock in once they arrive at their work location. With precise and timely clocking data, we can offer real-time data insights to companies about attendance.

Real-time attendance and clocking data

We recently revamped our shift overview for companies. For each shift, we’re now giving them everything they need at a glance, showing how many people: 

  • are required for a shift 

  • have been assigned to work

  • have confirmed in advance that they’ll attend

  • currently working based on live clockings

With this new design, shift data is consolidated and easily shared across the business. Shift managers can manage their workforce efficiently and can react quickly to last minute changes. 

Stats feature based on attendance data

Currently in beta-testing, our latest stats feature helps companies increase their workforce reliability, driving down absenteeism. 

Companies get real-time insights into attendance data with unprecedented granularity, down to hourly updates. This empowers shift managers to:

  • track no-shows easily 

  • access historical absence records

  • proactively mitigate productivity dips

By analyzing absenteeism trends, such as spikes on certain weekdays, or repeated no shows, companies can use stats to make better rostering decisions. This increases workforce reliability and drives down absenteeism in the short, mid and long term.

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