Enhanced app features deliver greater insights and improved control for shift managers.

Byron Watson
Melanie Bochmann
By Byron Watson and Melanie Bochmann
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At Job&Talent, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries to redefine workforce management. 

Our latest app releases embody our commitment to tech innovation while increasing attendance reliability and workforce quality. Enhancements such as smart clocking, improved feedback mechanisms, and more detailed attendance digests make it easier for companies to manage their workforce efficiently while improving employees' work experiences. 

Here’s a deep dive into these new features and improvements we’ve rolled out this quarter to our platform, Job&Talent Business:

Smart clocking allows for accurate and effortless time tracking

Ensuring punctuality and accuracy in clocking has never been more effortless. We took our existing clocking feature one step further, making clocking even smarter. 

Our enhanced app now proactively prompts workers to clock in when their shift is about to start, leveraging our advanced geofencing technology. 

This means workers receive notifications not just based on the time but also their proximity to the worksite, ensuring they clock in precisely when they need to. 

This smart feature reduces clocking errors and ensures compliance, leading to smoother operations and greater accountability.

Improved feedback mechanisms enhance workforce quality

Aligning expectations and ensuring satisfaction for both workers and supervisors is crucial for improving workforce quality. 

Our improved feedback features foster a culture of continuous improvement and communication. Beyond this, we've introduced mechanisms for gauging overall worker satisfaction, providing insights into workforce engagement levels.

By monitoring and analyzing these satisfaction metrics, companies can identify areas of concern and take proactive steps to enhance the work environment, increasing workforce quality, driving higher productivity, and ultimately, employee retention.

Attendance digest helps shift managers maintain high productivity levels

In the fast-paced world of workforce management, keeping track of attendance can often become overwhelming. 

Our new attendance tab in Job&Talent Business is designed to streamline this process, offering a consolidated view of daily attendance data. This feature helps managers stay focused on critical attendance information, providing a clear snapshot of who is present, absent, or late. 

For those needing more detailed insights, a simple tap reveals in-depth information, making it easier to identify patterns, address issues promptly, and ensure optimal workforce utilization.

Revamped supervisor profile provides detailed information about shifts and workers

Our new supervisor profile feature provides insights into their own performance. 

The app aggregates the number of people they’ve rated, the well-attended shifts, and, importantly, the satisfaction of workers with that supervisor’s shifts. 

For managers, it’s a simple yet powerful overview of their KPIs, which measures attendance reliability and workforce quality. 

  • People rated - the more they rate and give feedback to workers, the better they perform (quality).

  • Attendance  - the better they schedule shifts and choose the right people to work (choosing people with great data), the higher their attendance score. 

  • Satisfaction - after each shift, workers can provide a satisfaction rating. If a supervisor has done a great job managing a shift, they’ll achieve high satisfaction ratings. 

For companies, this is a profoundly powerful feedback loop. As workers and supervisors actively improve reliability and qualities, companies will gain powerful insights into what’s working well and what needs to improve.

Enhanced worker profile offers insights into individual schedules

To effectively manage a workforce, sometimes the finer details matter the most. 

Our revamped worker profile now includes a more detailed view, offering a complete overview of each worker's schedule at a glance. This enhancement enables shift managers to quickly assess individual schedules, identify potential conflicts, and make informed decisions to optimize shift planning. 

This feature supports better rostering decision-making by providing a detailed understanding of each worker's availability and commitments, ensuring that the right people are in the right place at the right time.

Each month, we’re adding more features to the app. Job&Talent Business is an unrivaled workforce management tool. Not only does it manage workforces from end to end, it helps companies increase attendance reliability and workforce quality. 

At Job&Talent, we’re committed to continuously improving our platform to meet the evolving needs of both companies and workers. Stay tuned for more innovations as we work to transform the future of workforce management.

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