“I have been genuinely impressed by Job&Talent’s philosophy and how effectively they execute tasks.”

Juan David Arias
Trade Marketing Manager at Unilever

Unilever, a global consumer goods powerhouse, has long been synonymous with innovation and excellence. In the dynamic landscape of Colombia, Unilever's commitment to delivering top-quality products has remained unwavering. To navigate the unique challenges of this market, Unilever has found a steadfast partner in Job&Talent when it comes to their needs for flexible workforce solutions. In Colombia, Job&Talent supplies Unilever with around 200 Sales professionals, contributing to the brand's continued success in the region. Together with @Juan David Arias Bolívar, Trade Marketing Manager at Unilever, we delve into the insights and experiences of Unilever's collaboration with Job&Talent, exploring the dynamics that drive this successful partnership.

Juan, why did you choose to work with Job&Talent?

Generally, I have been genuinely impressed by their philosophy and how effectively they execute tasks. There were a couple of key factors that set Job&Talent apart when we were looking into onboarding a partner to support us with a flexible workforce. Firstly, their internal customer service structure is strong and process-driven. Additionally, their impressive track record in the market and the support they provide to their existing customers demonstrated their reliability and competence.

What do you appreciate most about your collaboration with Job&Talent?

What stands out most to me is the friendliness of the team, their responsiveness, and their exceptional management of point-of-sale operations. It creates a positive and efficient working relationship. Their communication is excellent, and the recent addition of the trade vertical has been reassuring. The fact that they actively engage in fieldwork, including promoter training and action plan implementation, provides me with great peace of mind about our processes and investments in point-of-sale operations.

Which specific business impact does Job&Talent have on your operations? 

Job&Talent plays a significant role in representing our products directly to end consumers, enabling us to establish contact and promote our brand effectively. One KPI that has notably benefited is budget compliance. 

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