“It’s more than a transactional relationship. Our success is their success.”

Richard Rabuck
Associate Director, North America People Operations at Shipbob

In the world of logistics and e-commerce, efficiency is paramount, and Shipbob has been a trailblazer in revolutionizing shipping and fulfillment processes. As a leading logistics provider, Shipbob relies on a dedicated team of pickers and packers to deliver seamless experiences to customers. Job&Talent, their trusted workforce solution partner, supplies over 200 skilled pickers and packers, enabling Shipbob to meet the ever-growing demands of the market while maintaining operational excellence. In this interview, we speak with Richard Rabuck, Associate Director of North America People Operations at Shipbob, about how Job&Talent has helped them on their success journey. 

Richard, how would you describe your partnership with Job&Talent? 

With Job&Talent, it’s more than a transactional relationship. In the past, we have worked with other companies that approach staffing from the standpoint of wanting to be the biggest or wanting to have the most placed associates across the US. You can feel that in the support you receive on a day-to-day basis. With Job&Talent, it’s different. They understand that their success depends on your success, and they welcome the opportunity to partner with you to ensure that you are staffed and in a position to be successful. Their leadership visits our sites, engages with our site leaders to understand the needs of the business from the teams on the ground, and engages with the temporary workers to better understand their perspective and the roles they are being tasked with filling. With Job&Talent, you feel like you always have the full support of their entire organization.

What made our team stand out from other providers when you looked into onboarding a flexible workforce solution partner?

Partnership and delivering on commitments. When we first met with Job&Talent, we had several different staffing agencies supporting our operation. Job&Talent didn’t come in and push to be a sole provider. Rather, they came to us to understand our needs, laid out their commitments to us, and said ‘let us be a partner and show you what we can do.’ Over the course of that first-year trial, Job&Talent delivered on their commitments, helped us navigate some of our largest peak staffing needs in our company history, and truly lived up to being more than a staffing agency.

What does the collaboration look like on a daily basis?

Job&Talent leaders have been great in supporting our associates and truly being a partner to our business. Whether it is creatively working to offer additional incentives to ensure peak staffing success, adjusting to new labor laws, or celebrating a milestone, Job&Talent is there with us wanting to support the business and our associates. On top of that, having the onsite partnership has been game-changing for our day-to-day operations. Our onsite Job&Talent teams provide our leaders with daily reporting around attendance and call-offs, which allows our managers to react timely to potential productivity risks. In addition, metric reporting around safety, recruiting, and turnover has been a great tool for our leaders.

How does the collaboration with Job&Talent impact your success metrics? 

The nature of temporary labor tends to invite an atmosphere of high turnover which can lead to increased training costs and lags in productivity. However, since partnering with Job&Talent, we have seen turnover in our temporary labor drastically reduced. This has resulted in our workforce being much more stable and, as an added benefit, we have been able to convert a number of our temporary associates into full-time employees.

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