“Job&Talent is able to provide a competitive supply of skilled personnel with short lead times.”

Timmie Knudsen
Foreman at Saint-Gobain Sekurit

Saint-Gobain Sekurit, a prominent car window glass manufacturer and a valued partner within the automotive industry across 20 countries, has been collaborating with our dedicated Swedish Job&Talent team since early 2022. Our team has been instrumental in recruiting individuals, many of whom began as temporary employees and transitioned into permanent roles within Saint-Gobain Sekurit. Timmie Knudsen, a Foreman at Saint-Gobain Sekurit, today shares his insights on the Job&Talent partnership and what he values most about it.

Why do you work with Job&Talent?

Job&Talent is able to provide a competitive supply of skilled personnel with short lead times. The glass industry can be demanding, and quick access to an engaged workforce is key. Job&Talent is able to keep up with the industry’s rapid pace, embracing adaptability and efficiency. Their ability to deliver timely results that meet specific needs set them apart from the competition.

 What do you appreciate most about the partnership?

Clear and straightforward communication, as well as easy collaboration with the team who really understand our unique needs and challenges. In a constantly evolving business landscape, clear and transparent and honest communication is paramount. We have a great partnership with Job&Talent, which has leveraged flexibility and responsiveness to enhance our operations, support our growth, and achieve business excellence in a dynamic industry.

Can you share some examples of how Job&Talent supports your day-to-day operations?

Take, for example, our need for a forklift driver on a Wednesday. Job&Talent ensures that by Monday, the right person is on-site, fully equipped and prepared. Another success story was the recruiting of more than 10 people simultaneously, sourced through Job&Talent. These new workers underwent an intensive training program, demanding swift learning that's typically spread over several months. With Job&Talent's support, we accomplished this in just 12 weeks, streamlining the training process significantly.

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