“Effective communication, responsiveness, and being up for a challenge resonates with us.”

Valentine Couture
HR Director at Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is a French retail brand specializing in home improvement (construction, renovation, decoration, DIY, and gardening). As part of the Adeo Group, the third-largest player in the global home improvement market, Leroy Merlin is the market leader in France with 144 stores nationwide. For its national warehouse in Dourges, Leroy Merlin collaborates with around forty employees whose profiles have been selected by Job&Talent. We spoke with Valentine Couture, who is responsible for Human Resources with a focus on temporary workers for the warehouse.

Why do you work with Job&Talent, and how do you evaluate the collaboration's success?

At Leroy Merlin, we have always wanted to work with local agencies based near our operations. Beyond that, we particularly appreciate the ease of communication, responsiveness, and the readiness to challenge itself from the Job&Talent teams.

Once a quarter, I meet with my contact to review the following performance indicators:

  • Safety - primarily the number and nature of work accidents,

  • Integration - how many workers have been hired through Job&Talent compared to the total number of profiles sought,

  • Profile reliability - how many people have completed the three-week trial period,

  • Quality - how many contracts had to be terminated by Leroy Merlin (due to behavioral or safety issues).

These indicators are then reviewed with Job&Talent. This allows us to detect any issues as soon as possible, and over the years, we have built a relationship of trust and transparency. Today, Job&Talent is a preferred partner of Leroy Merlin, helping us strengthen our operations.

What types of profiles are you looking for?

I would say that in 95% of cases, we are looking for order pickers, but from time to time, we post offers for administrative staff or for the operation of specific machinery. The contacts we offer include a three-week trial period that is then renewed. Often, workers stay with us for an average of six months, and sometimes even longer when the collaboration works well. We have already hired workers who originally came from Job&Talent for full-time positions, and they are still with us.

What does the hiring process look like for temporary workers?

Since we always need blue-collar workers - mainly for order picking but not only - we hire continuously, and Job&Talent knows what kind of profiles we are looking for. In the case of peak activity or when there are specific needs (jobs in administration or qualifications to operate certain types of machinery), we communicate directly with our agencies to provide them with briefings. Then, our partner at Job&Talent sends us interesting profiles, we make the selection, and the workers can start very quickly. We sometimes welcome three new team members in a typical week, but it can go up to 10.

  • Warehouse operatives
  • France

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