“Job&Talent has reduced turnover of workers and provided great talent alongside enhanced operational support.”

Juan Bru
Senior Human Resources Manager at Huawei

Similar to other technology companies, Huawei Spain encounters the ongoing challenge of talent scarcity. To address this issue and effectively manage fluctuating client demands, they have been integrating temporary workers into their workforce. After working with various providers over the years, Huawei Spain made the strategic decision in 2017 to partner with Job&Talent. Since then, Job&Talent has been supplying Huawei Spain with skilled workers in areas such as administrative support, marketing, and IT. Today, Juan Bru, Senior Human Resources Manager at Huawei, provides valuable insights into their collaborative partnership with Job&Talent.

How does temporary work fit into your operations, and why is it so important for Huawei? 

As the Head of Talent, I manage the talent cycle at Huawei, including attraction, development, retention, and employer branding. People are key. If we don’t manage to fill our open positions - which can be a challenge due to the high competition in the tech space - Huawei’s operations are negatively impacted, from sales to delivery and quality assurance. That’s why we’ve been leveraging temporary work to fill specific needs and contingencies in our daily operations. 

What does your partnership with Job&Talent look like?

Job&Talent has helped us fill temporary positions faster than ever. We've had successful experiences across sectors like technology, consumer electronics, digital, and energy, where Job&Talent has been a reliable partner in supporting our growth while being fully aligned with legislation.

What challenges did you face before partnering with Job&Talent and what benefits have they brought?

We faced inflexibility and slow responsiveness with other providers. Job&Talent has reduced turnover of workers and provided the right talent alongside enhanced operational support. Communication with Job&Talent is smooth, fast, and efficient. Their digital approach, efficiency, flexibility, competitiveness, and exceptional team differentiate them from other providers.

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