“Job&Talent’s strong on-site presence streamlined our recruitment process, resulting in very strong candidates”

Malin Jonsson
HR Manager at Diab

With 70 years of global leadership in high-tech core materials, Diab AB is a force in industries like wind power, marine, and aviation. We chatted with Malin Jonsson, HR Manager at Diab, about the pivotal role of workforce management. Job&Talent proudly supplies Diab with 40 skilled workers, vital to their seamless operations and continued success. Join us as Malin shares insights into their strategic approach to success.

Why did you choose to collaborate with Job&Talent?

We partnered with Job&Talent because we sought a flexible staffing solution that understands our business deeply, ensuring high availability for both our company and the workers. Job&Talent emerged as a cost-effective choice, offering tailored flexibility for our production needs. Their strong on-site presence streamlined our recruitment process, resulting in very strong candidates.

What aspects of the collaboration do you appreciate the most?

We value the personal and engaged approach, coupled with the responsiveness to our needs. Job&Talent's flexibility, service-minded attitude, and a customer-focused team, including dedicated Account Specialists, have been crucial in meeting our staffing requirements. Their comprehensive solution covers personnel management, sick leave statistics, and operational support.

How would you describe your experience with Job&Talent workers?

Our collaboration with Job&Talent employees mirrors working with our own hired staff. The consultants seamlessly integrate into our team, fostering a collaborative environment.

Which business KPIs has Job&Talent helped you achieve?

Key performance indicators such as attendance, sick leave improvements, recruitment precision, and reasons for terminations have notably improved since partnering with Job&Talent. Additionally, our long-term strategy with Job&Talent as a staffing partner has resulted in the permanent employment of several skilled consultants.

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