“Job&Talent’s ability to quickly respond to staffing fluctuations has been invaluable to our success.”

Rafael Casillas
Director of Concert Music Festival

Each year, the serene Spanish town of Sancti Petri comes alive with the vibrant sounds of the Concert Music Festival. Job&Talent has been a trusted partner of the festival since 2019, providing the essential workforce required to make the event a resounding success. From organizing the parking area to serving guests at bars and restaurants, managing ticketing and keeping the area clean, our dedicated workers contribute their skills and expertise, ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees and artists alike.

We sat down with Rafael Casillas, Director of Concert Music Festival, to talk about how Job&Talent contributes to the success of the annual event. 

Rafael, can you imagine Concert Music Festival without Job&Talent? 

When I started thinking about organizing a festival in the South of Spain, I knew that one of the biggest challenges was going to be finding and engaging workers. That’s why I immediately decided to onboard Job&Talent to the project. Since our festival is temporary by nature - 40 days every year - it makes total sense for us to partner with a company that specializes in providing a flexible workforce. Job&Talent has been instrumental in our operations since the very first edition of Concert Music Festival. Their marketplace for essential work has been providing us with all the necessary personnel, from selection to hiring and legal support, ensuring the festival's smooth execution. Job&Talent’s ability to quickly respond to staffing fluctuations and provide a wide range of skilled profiles has been invaluable to our success - without Job&Talent, there would be no Concert Music Festival.

How did your workforce management process change since you started working with Job&Talent?

We were able to streamline our HR processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective. Previously, we faced challenges in searching for suitable workers, but Job&Talent's service simplified the entire hiring and management process, saving us time and resources. During the season, we are in daily contact with Job&Talent and have people from the company on the ground, ensuring smooth operations. 

Did you recognize any other positive implications on your business and operations? 

We were able to speed up the process of filling our positions significantly. The efficiency of our processes has been enhanced, leading to smoother operations and improved customer and employee satisfaction. This also has positively impacted our overall image in the industry, positioning us as a reliable and efficient organization.

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