“One of Job&Talent's strengths is being equally tech-focused and experts in human relations.”

Thomas Daudré-Vignier
Logistics Director at BUT

In France, BUT positions itself as a leader in the home equipment sector, boasting an extensive presence with over 350 stores across the entire country. In the Lyon region, the company operates two expansive warehouses covering an area of 100,000 square meters. For many years, BUT has chosen to collaborate with Job&Talent as its preferred partner for workforce needs. To date, around twenty temporary workers are employed through Job&Talent, and an additional ten employees who initially began their careers as temporary workers have secured long-term contracts within the company. We had the opportunity to speak with Thomas Daudré-Vignier, Director of Logistics Sites at BUT, who shared with us the reasons why the collaboration between the two companies is exceptional and effective.

BUT has been working with Job&Talent for nearly 15 years. Could you explain the reasons for this long-standing partnership?

Job&Talent's primary strength lies in its ability to be deeply rooted in digital technology while preserving its expertise in human relations between the agency, the workers, and BUT. Job&Talent understands that there is no one-size-fits-all model for workers, and their needs vary depending on their workplace and experience. 

It's essential for us to have a partner who physically visits the site, whether it's to facilitate contract signings, payments, or the distribution of safety equipment, among other tasks. Our account managers at Job&Talent know us very well, and the quality of matching as well as overall worker satisfaction that results from it never disappoints.

What kinds of positions are you looking to fill? How do you find the best matches?

We have a variety of versatile positions because some of them are associated with demanding tasks, such as handling heavy furniture. We offer bonuses for heavy lifting to compensate for this difficulty, and we strive to balance the different types of positions for safety reasons. Diversity is also one of our priorities, and we have achieved a representation of 18% women across our two sites, which we aim to maintain as a benchmark.

Regarding our positions, we have implemented several measures to reduce the physical strain. This includes the use of automated conveyors to facilitate unloading, the introduction of exoskeletons to assist with heavy lifting, and the installation of onboard cameras on our equipment. Furthermore, our equipment is nearly new, and we offer flexible hours (from 2 PM to 8 PM) based on activity levels.

How is it that many temporary workers end up staying on with you as permanent employees? What is the recipe for success?

The partnership that has developed over the years between Job&Talent and BUT has led to more than ten temporary workers being employed as permanent staff members to this day. In all these cases, Job&Talent connected motivated and qualified workers with BUT, where they immediately felt supported and secure. If they stayed on, it's due to the atmosphere of trust we've managed to establish at BUT, with clear rules, competitive salaries, a focus on safety, and flexibility in working hours. This reputation also makes it easier for us to attract talent. Our motto: fairness, equal rights, and equity. In our warehouses, everyone is treated the same way, whether they are temporary workers or permanent employees. There is no room for underappreciation.

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