Job&Talent announces new brand identity


Today, Job&Talent (formerly: Jobandtalent) reveals that it is in the transitional period of a rebrand, you can find a video introducing our new brand on YouTube here.

Starting today, we will begin a gradual refresh of all our brand elements across platforms, channels, and countries. This includes a new stylization of the company name, updated logo and tagline, as well as rejuvenated brand colors and more. It's not just a design change; it signifies a fundamental shift in our communication approach going forward. The new brand will embrace and represent two core values of Job&Talent - technology and human interaction, as we continue our commitment towards sustainable and profitable growth.

Christof Schminke, SVP of Brand & Communications at Job&Talent: “As we have achieved tremendous growth over the years, Job&Talent is at a perfect stage of our journey to not only transform our business further, but also to create a truly global brand that matches our ambition of providing an outstanding experience to our workers, clients and employees. We believe the new brand perfectly aligns with our mission of empowering the people who make the world go round.”

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