Your next job is in your pocket

With jobandtalent’s mobile app you’ll never miss another career opportunity. Find out about jobs that match your professional experience and preferences anytime, anywhere.

Your professional profile and preferences

Complete your professional and academic profile in seconds by importing your CV. Tell us what kind of job you’re looking for and we’ll find you the best career matches.

Handpicked jobs for you

We scan over 200,000 jobs from across the web, screen them against your professional profile, and show you the best job out there.

Manage your job suggestions

Apply, favourite or discard suggested jobs. We analyse all of your actions to improve the quality and accuracy of your job suggestions.

Find out who you know at the companies you’re interested in working for

For every job posted we´ll show you the contacts you have at each company. Get recommendations, inside information and tips from friends.

Save time, we’ll apply for you

We review thousands of jobs from different sources across the web; in order to ensure your application is completed from start to finish we’ll take care of the entire process.

Every time a new job matches your profile we’ll let you know

Forget about endless searches, we’ll send you a notification whenever a new job is posted matching your professional profile. Stay up to date on all the professional opportunities out there for you – hassle free.

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